Bluebells of Scotland

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Here is a Celtic album, for the lover of Scottish music, that encompasses most of the musical stylings from the five distinct regions of Scotland; the Lowlands, Border Uplands, Shetland Islands, the Hebrides, and the famous Highlands.
This album is extremely diversified, with the slow aires and laments being done with hammered dulcimer, harp, cello, and wooden flute, to create an almost classical feel to the tunes. The more up-tempo tunes again feature Tim Crouch and DeeAnn Gillispie on fiddle, Bob Bielefeld on fife and penny whistle, and Bob Murphy on lead guitar and tenor banjo. At the time of this recording, Featherstone featured Cindy Tellone on bass violin, and Albee Tellone on guitar and superb mandolin harmonies.

Last but not least, there are some great Highland Bagpipes on three tunes with bodhran and snare drum for percussive highlights. The hammered dulcimer is the main instrument, as always. If you want to order it, just click here.

Special Thanks to
Dr. Bill McNeil of the OZARK FOLK CENTER, for the history of the tunes.
Produced by: Joe Jewell and Bob Murphy for Featherstonemusic
Recorded at: Raney Recording Studio, Drasco, AR 72530
Engineered by Jon Raney

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Bluebells of Scotland

The following are 30 to 60 second clips. Total CD Running time is 61:23

Individual tracks can be purchased at CD Baby or through iTunes.

The Songs:

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The Musicians:

  • Joe Jewell -Hammered Dulcimer
  • Albee Tellone – Guitar and Mandolin
  • Cindy Tellone – Bass Violin
  • Therese Honey – Harp
  • Bob Bielefeld – Flute, Penny Whistle, Fife
  • Max Dyer – Cello
  • DeeAnn Gillispie -Fiddle
  • Tim Crouch -Fiddle
  • E.J. Jones – Highland Bagpipes
  • Randy Wholtke – Snare Drum
  • Bob Murphy – Lead Guitar, Tenor Banjo
  • Emily Dugas – Bodhran

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Want to learn to play the songs contained on the CD?

I have published a companion song book that contains sheet music of all the songs on the CD, written in easy to read music notation. It is suitable for hammered dulcimer, guitar as well as other instruments.

The Bluebells of Scotland accompanying song book.
contains sheet music of all the songs on the recording.

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