Fantasy at the Faire

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This album contains many tunes which I have played at renaissance festivals and other venues for many years. The tunes range from dark and mysterious, to light, sprightly and danceable. They cover a time period from the mid-13th century until the 20th; and come from Eastern and Western Europe and the British Isles and Ireland. Styles range from classical, to celtic folk, English dance tunes, Italian Renaissance etc.

This album contains 33 tunes and was recorded in five different studios throughout the USA using area musicans most suited to certain tunes. It is my most diverse and longest album.

Produced by Joe Jewell for Featherstone Music
Mixed, mastered, and duplicated at Raney Recording Studio
Jon Raney, Engineer

Recorded at:
Raney Recording Studio, Drasco, AR
Acoustic Projections, Colorado Springs, CO
jimusic Digital Mobile Studio,
Rugburn Studio, Lebanon, PA
Jack Stamates Recording Studio, Coral Gables, FL

George Evans – Cover Photo – Cherry Hill. NJ.

Fantasy at the Faire

The following are 30 to 60 second clips. Total CD Running time is 70:44

Individual tracks can be purchased at CD Baby or through iTunes.

The Songs:

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The Musicians:

  • Joe Jewell -Hammered Dulcimer
  • Ky Hote – Guitar
  • Michi Regier – Violin
  • Owl Morrison – Viola
  • Jim Hancock – Bass
  • Bob Bielefeld – Flutes
  • Martha Hess – Oboe
  • Lori Reese – Cello
  • Nestor Prieto – Percussion
  • Byron Miller – Didgeridoo
  • Oksana Moshinsky – Bandurra [#20]
  • David Perry – Classical Guitar [#3 & #18]
  • Bob Murphy – Bass [#3 & #18].

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Want to learn to play the songs contained on the CD? I have published a companion song book that contains sheet music of all the songs on the CD, written in easy to read music notation. It is suitable for hammered dulcimer, guitar as well as other instruments.

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