Ramblin’ The Rackensack

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These recordings represent tunes which were played at gatherings and barn dances in the Ozark Mountains from the Civil War era until about 1940.

“Rackensack” is the Osage Indian name for the Ozark plateau between the Arkansas and Missouri Rivers.

This recording includes great tunes such as Arkansas Traveler, written in 1847 as the “Rackensack Waltz,” Peek-a-boo Waltz written in 1881, a “standard” country waltz. Waltzes have been a strong tradition with Midwestern fiddlers, perhaps more so than in any of the other regions in America. The tune Red Bird or Oklahoma Red Bird written in the Missouri Ozarks in the early part of this century, and a popular fiddle tune in the ’30’s and ’40’s, Blackberry Blossom, an American tune with possible Irish roots.Year Of Jubilo, written by Henry C. Work in 1862 as “Kingdom Coming” for minstrel shows.

Special Thanks to Dr. Bill McNeil of the OZARK FOLK CENTER,
for the history of the tunes.
Produced by: Joe Jewell for Featherstonemusic
Recorded at: Raney Recording Studio, Drasco, AR 72530
Engineered, Mixed & Mastered by Jon Raney
Recorded In Janurary 2001

Ramblin’ The Rackensack

The following are 30 to 60 second clips. Total CD Running time: 65:35

The Songs:

    1. Red Bird 01 redbird
    2. Shenandoah Valley Waltz/Morning Glory Waltz 02 shenand
    3. Liberty/St. Anne’s Reel 03 Liberty_ Saint Anne’s Reel
    4. Year Of Jubilo/Dixie 04 Year Of Jubilo_Dixie
    5. Midnight On The Water 05 Midnight On The Water
    6. Blackberry Blossom/Old Grey Cat 06 Blackberry Blossom_Old Grey Cat
    7. Weeping Heart/Old Spinning Wheel 07 Weeping Heart_The Old Spinning Wh
    8. Peek-A-Boo Waltz 08 Peek-A-Boo Waltz
    9. Ragtime Annie 09 Ragtime Annie
    10. Red Hills Polka 10 Red Hills Polka
    11. Snow Deer/Red Wing 11 Snow Deer_Redwing
    12. Jenny Lind Waltz/Tombigbee Waltz 12 Jenny Lind Waltz_Tombigbee Waltz
    13. Bonaparte’s Retreat 13 Bonaparte’s Retreat
    14. The Girl I Left Behind Me/The Yellow Rose Of Texas 14 The Girl I Left Behind Me_The Yel
    15. Mississippi Sawyer 15 Mississippi Sawyer
    16. Sweet Bunch Of Daisies 16 Sweet Bunch Of Daisies
    17. Jenny Lind Polka 17 Jenny Lind Polka
    18. Cotton Eyed Joe 18 Cotton Eyed Joe
    19. Forked Deer/Flop Eared Mule 19 Forked Deer_Flop Eared Mule
    20. Silver Bell[s] 20 Silver Bell[S]
    21. Arkansas Traveler 21 Arkansas Traveler
      • Joe Jewell -Hammered Dulcimer
      • Bob Murphy – Rhythm, Lead Guitar, Dobro & Bass
      • Lisa Freshler -Bass Fiddle
      • DeeAnn Gillispie -Fiddle
      • Tim Crouch -Fiddle
      • Kay Thomas -Mountain Dulcimer
      • Dave Smith -Banjo

The Musicians:

The Ramblin’ the Rackensack accompanying song book contains sheet music of all the songs on the recording.

Want to learn to play the songs contained on the CD? I have published a companion song book that contains sheet music of all the songs on the CD, written in easy to read music notation. It is suitable for hammered dulcimer, guitar as well as other instruments. If you want to order it,

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