The Dancing Bear

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This dulcimer album is for relaxed listening.  It has 25 slow and beautiful tunes from Ireland, England, Scotland, Germany, Finland, Romania, and America.  Many of the tunes are very familiar to everyone, but I have included some obscure ones, chosen for their melodic content. The title cut is a short, rousing tune in the middle of the album – a wake up tune.

Members of the band Cantiga, Bob Bielefeld, Martha Gay and the late Malcolm Smith play throughout the album. Once again Tim Crouch performs on the fiddle on some tunes, while late Malcolm Smith plays violin on the more classical stylings.  Fiddler Malcolm performed for over 20 years at Renaissance Festivals and was a virtuoso on the violin.  He passed away suddenly in October, 1996, and is missed by us all.  There is also guitar, bass violin, harp, mandolin, fute, dumbek and piano on this relaxing album.

Lay back with a good book, eat a fine supper, or snuggle up with your favorite person as you enjoy this familiar collection of melodic tunes.

Produced by: Joe Jewell for Featherstone Productions
Engineered and Mastered by Jon Raney
Recorded, Mastered, Printed and Packaged at:
Raney Recording Studio, Drasco, AR 72530

The Dancing Bear

The following are 30 to 60 second clips. Total CD Running time: 60:02

The Songs:

  1. Gentle Maiden/Gaelic Farmer 01 Gentle Maiden
  2. Forest Flowers Waltz 02 Forest Flowers Waltz
  3. Aura Lee/Londonderry Waltz (Derry Aire or Danny Boy) 03 Aura Lee __ Londonderry Aire
  4. Empress Henrietta’s Waltz/Fairy Tales Waltz 04 Empress Henrieta’s Waltz __ Fairy
  5. Morning Has Broken 05 Morning Has Broken
  6. The Darkness is Falling/Edelweiss 06 The Darkness Is Falling __ Edelwe
  7. Airship 07 Airship
  8. Waves of the Danube08 Waves Of The Danube
  9. Over the Rainbow 09 Over The Rainbow
  10. The Dancing Bear 10 The Dancing Bear
  11. Seamus O’Brian 11 Seamus O’ Brian
  12. Laura’s Theme 12 Laura’s Theme
  13. Gold N’ Silver Waltz 13 Gold N’ Silver Waltz
  14. Greensleeves/Scarborough Faire 14 Greensleeves __ Scarborough Faire
  15. The Music Box Waltz 15 The Music Box Waltz
  16. Simple Gifts (The Lord of the Dance)/The Water is Wide 16 Simple Gifts __ The Water Is Wide
  17. Westphalia Waltz /You Live In My Heart 17 The Westphalia Waltz __ You Live
  18. Merriweather 18 Meriweather
  19. Margaret’s Waltz 19 Margaret’s Waltz

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The Musicians:

  • Joe Jewell -Hammered Dulcimer
  • Bob Murphy – Guitar, Mandolin (The Dancing Bear)
  • Dennis Crouch – Upright Bass
  • Tim Crouch -Fiddle, Mandolin (Seamus O’Brien)
  • Malcom Smith – Violin
  • Martha Gay – Harp
  • Bob Bielefeld – Flute, Dumbek (The Dancing Bear)
  • Betsy Ross – Piano (Gold N’ Silver Waltz)

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